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Wedding marquees can be both stylish and innovative. Their contemporary, unique designs create the perfect atmosphere for a truly memorable occasion. Hiring a marquee is a very affordable option, no longer reserved for those with large budgets.

Our friendly staff are waiting to provide you with all the information that you will need when choosing the right marquee for your special day.



Why BEAUMONT london?

BEAUMONT london have over twenty years experience of fulfilling the wedding requirements of well over 1,000 couples. Our reputation for spectacular results is based upon:

  • Value - Our marquees are a cost effective alternative to traditional venues.
  • Design - We can design your marquee to fit any theme.
  • Convenience - quick set up and removal.
  • Flexibility - we can adapt to existing venues to increase numbers.
  • Size - Made to fit the exact number of guests you are hosting.
  • Experience - providing an enviable occasion.
  • Portability - we can set up in any location.



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